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Posted On July 13, 2020

If you own a wordpress website at some point you’ll need to put a stop to the spam you’re receiving. The good news is there’s a few simple things you can do to keep those bots at a distance.

This tutorial is for the do-it-yourself business owner who wants to greatly reduce the spam messages getting to the email inbox. If you use squarespace, wix, godaddy, or any other website builder and would like a tutorial for those, please reach out to the Propel Media team and we’ll prepare one for you.

Stop Website Spam Tutorial


For wordpress users, you’ll first need to login to your website and determine which form plugin you are using. Look for “Contact” or “Forms” in the dashboard on the left side of the window. In this case, I’m using Gravity Forms. Your screen may look different depending on the plugin you’re using. If you need help with these please reach out. Once you find the contact form plugin, select the “Settings”.

gravity forms settings


Make your way over to Google’s reCAPTCHA page. You’ll need to sign in with a GMail or Google Admin account.



Add a label, select your reCAPTCHA version, email account, your desired security setting, and add the domain it will be used on. Save the settings.


Copy the site key and paste in the “Settings” on your website’s form plugin. Do the same for the secret key.

recaptcha keys
Google reCAPTCHA Settings
website form plugin
Your Website’s Form Settings


Save your settings and celebrate! Now your website is fighting spam without slowing down.

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For more tips to help make your website even better click here. You can read all the tips we have for you to get more business using your website.

Are you ready to go but need a bit of a boost or more information? Kindly reach out and I will gladly explore your needs with you.



Written by Paul

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